26 Jul

OH MY GOSH! I forgot to do a challenge post yesterday! So I will do day 3 today. 

Today, Yesterday was soooo stressful and busy. Have you tried to find a house to live in 2 weeks before college classes start? I have called over 30 people yesterday asking about their houses to rent. In that time almost all of them were rented out! I have been really stressing about this coming year and finding a place to live (that isn’t in my friend’s living room). The Mr. and I could just not catch a break. Impending homelessness is not a good burden to have upon one’s shoulders. This brings me to my third thing to be grateful and inspired by: friends, and I mean GOOD friends.

I have been SO FREAKING LUCKY to have friends who are so accommodating and caring to open their homes to me and the Mr. and not just that, they have been so gracious and kind. Even though I have really been stressing the last few days, my friends have really helped to lift me up and support Mr. so much. They are pretty awesome and if they were ever in a situation like us, there would be zero hesitation in opening my doors for them. They are pretty fun to be around too. 

So C&J (my awesome friends) inspire me to be a good friend like they have been to us. 🙂 Life can really suck at times but there’s always a little joy to be had in any situation. 

In other news: WEDDING PHOTOS!!! Remember my how my bestie got hitched a few weeks ago? Well they are FINALLY posting photos of everything and I cannot wait to share them with you. It was the most amazing wedding, ever. 

Toms wedding! (Check out this guy’s mad photography skillz on facebook! AYERSphoto)

Gorgeous am I right?!?!?

Let me know what you are thankful for and what inspires you!!!


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