Fashion DON’Ts: My Observations From Work

30 May

I’ve seen a great variety of people in the years spent working. I currently started working again (took off 6 weeks because of a surgery) and realized that a lot of people in this town (po-dunk, kansas) do NOT know how to dress. I’m not usually one to snark at someone for expressing their style but sometimes I would like to be spared.

A few examples (I don’t have pictures, thankfully)

White T-shirt + NO BRA = UGH

 – I’m sure this can be a rather exciting outfit, especially for anyone on spring break. However, being over 40 and going into public like this is NOT a good idea. Your friendly cashier does not want to get a glimpse of what your ta-ta’s look like under that fabric so please wear a bra.


Shorts that don’t cover your booty

-Again this is probably a great look for a wild spring break (or a stripper) but I am not a fan of walking behind someone and seeing the ends of their cheeks hanging out of their shorts. 


There are PLENTY of other outfits that need to be locked away forever, however I’m not fond of recalling every horrifying outfit ever encountered. I’m sure I’ve committed a few fashion crimes in my time, hopefully they weren’t harmful to anyone else.


Do you have a memory of a particularly horrifying outfit? Let me know in the comments below!




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