Review: Garnier Skin Perfector BB Cream

25 May


BB Creams are the must have for summer. They moisturize and provide some sort of coverage instead of using two separate products to achieve the same thing. BB cream is the perfect solution for the summer. It’s light and quick.

I recently received a small sample of the Garnier BB Cream in the mail and of course I had to try it.

There were a few things that I liked about the product, however there were a few really important cons. I’m going to start with the positive.

  • I loved how easy and smooth the BB cream went on to my skin. It was really easy to apply and blended well.
  • The Garnier bb cream provided enough coverage for a day at the beach when I would want to look more natural.

However, there are a few things that I did not like and all in all deterred me from purchasing the product.

  • The cream was REALLY scented. It might be nice on days when you are sweating and tend to feel a little stinky, but this was almost as if I had poured a bottle of perfume into the cream as I was applying it.
  • My skin felt greasy and sticky. After putting on the BB cream my face felt pretty gross. I looked really shiny and it was as if I had poured greasy lotion onto my face. Even after a light powder I still felt pretty greasy.

I did not like the product in general. There were a few great things about it but I just couldn’t see myself using this again. Normally, I tend to have a pretty oily face so this product probably wouldn’t be my first choice, but for you ladies who have normal or dry skin this would probably be a great thing for you to try.

You can find Garnier BB Cream at Walmart for around $11.97

Or Amazon for around $10

I on the other hand will continue my quest to find the perfect BB Cream for my skin because honestly, who doesn’t love shaving a few steps off of their makeup routine?

Do you use a BB Cream? What is your favorite skin product for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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**I am in NO WAY affiliated with any products or companies reviewed on this blog. Each opinion is solely mine only. I tell it like it is.**

2 Responses to “Review: Garnier Skin Perfector BB Cream”

  1. athunderheart May 27, 2012 at 1:44 am #

    It’s a little bit pricey, so I’ve been using it every couple of days to preserve it, but I have Smashbox’s BB Cream and I love it to death! They have more skin tones to choose from, and the coverage is very good. I have very dry skin, so I have to moisturize a bit before I use it, but hopefully that means it would work well for someone who has normal to oily skin to begin with. I would definitely recommend it!

    • KandyKay May 27, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

      Thanks! I will for sure have to check that out sometime soon!

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