Summer Skin Care Tips

19 May

Hey everyone!

Summer is pretty much here. That means spending a lot of time outdoors.

It also means that you are going to need to really take care of your skin.

Nothing is worse than getting an awful sunburn and looking like a lobster.                                          You also don’t want to end up looking like ‘Tan Mom’


So here are a few of my tips to keep your skin healthy throughout summer.


– Water is an important part of keeping your skin healthy. During the summer you                           are going to be sweating more and losing more water. Drinking water daily is                                important to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Even being a little bit                                       dehydrated will drain your energy. There really isn’t a magic number of                                                    how much water to drink. There are a few guidelines like The Institute of Medicine                        who suggest about 13 cups of water for Men, and about 9 cups of water for Women daily.


– Wearing sunscreen is something I’ve been told since I was little, however                                               I never really cared until a few years ago when I got a sunburn so bad on the                                           tops of my legs I couldn’t wear pants.

There are a lot of benefits to wearing sunscreen. Many formulas now have                                     moisturizing qualities to them as well. By wearing sunscreen you are preventing                                     skin cancer and skin damage. It’s recommended that you wear some sunscreen                                         no matter the season because the sun is always damaging.

I recommend using Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock. The                                               sunblock goes on the skin smooth and doesn’t have that yucky greasy feeling.                                   They have a formula with SPF 30 and SPF 55 for days you are spending a majority                               of time outside.

You also want to provide sunscreen on your face. A product I recommend                                                         is Kiss My Face SPF 50 Face and Neck. The sunblock is really reliable and works really well.


– Nothing sucks more than having a sunburn on your scalp. I have really                                            dark hair so on summer days my head gets so hot I could probably fry an                                                     egg on there. That means I usually wear a hat or a sunscreen formulated for                                                 the scalp. There are many products that are made to be non-greasy and just                                          for the scalp. I haven’t had a chance to test any out so if you have any suggestions                                              I would love to hear them!


-Sunglasses are essential for a hot summer day. No one likes to be the                                                  ‘squinter’. They protect your eyes from damaging rays and also look pretty                                            stylish. A great and affordable place to get sunglasses is Retro City Sunglasses.                                  They have so many cute designs* AND they are UV blocking and not just tinted                                                 I usually get my sunglasses from them because most of the time I lose my sunglasses                                and it’s not a big deal as losing a $99 pair.

*The mannequin that Retro City uses is a little small so the sunglasses                                                          look WAY bigger than they would on a normal person’s head.

Summer Skin

Equipment silk top
255 CAD –

Paige Denim short shorts
£90 –

Miss Selfridge oversized hat
$38 –

Black Original Wayfarer Sunglasses
$8.99 –
Remember!!! If you’re going to be drinking this summer be sure to stay hydrated                                                                                             with water and don’t over-do it. A lot of scary things can happen                                                                                                                         when you drink in the heat!
I hope all of you guys have a wonderful, fantastic summer! Let me                                                                                                                   know what your best skin care tips are!
-Kandy K

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